Funky Trunks Mens Training Jammers | Chip Set

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Let’s get the clothes off and jam together. I’ll give you hip-to-knee coverage with contoured panelling, flatlock stitching and front pouch lining.

My Style:

  • I’ve got a drawcord to keep me locked in position and a wide elastic leg opening and waistband for added comfort around your hips and above your knee.
  • I’m branded with a rubber print Funky Trunks logo and made for durability, warmth and comfort whenever we jam together.
  • ECO C-INFINITY is the same superior quality polyester construction that you’ve come to trust from our C-Infinity fabric, but manufactured from end-of-life plastic water bottles.
  • Providing 100% chlorine resistance and exceptional colours, ECO C-INFINITY gives a new life to waste, reducing our environmental impact and keeping you swimming day in and day out in the brightest swimwear on the market.

My Story:

Swimming is no longer just sticking your head in a bucket and following the black line. It’s now an exact science which is why we’ve installed small computers in all of our latest swimwear to help you get the best out of your session. You can now have all your vital stats measured, such as your AROM, SR, HVO, MHR, all displayed live as you swim. So instead of just trying to relax through your session you can be swimming along saying WTF does all that mean.

Born and bred in Melbourne, Funky Trunks is the Aussie label for guys to make a statement when the pants come down. With crazy colours in comfy styles, spread across an extensive range of swimwear, underwear, beachwear and apparel, Funky Trunks is designed for serious performance without the serious attitude.