Funky Silicone Swim Cap | Poppy Long

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By Funky


Comfortable and durable silicone swimming caps that are latex free.

Size: One Size Fits All

My Story:

Our collaboration with Dr Dre did not exactly go to plan. Firstly, no one had informed us that placing open electrical currents on the body around water could result in electrocution. Secondly, Dr Dre has apparently moved on from carrying a boom box on his shoulder and just uses little headphones and buds now. So our human-sized, waterproof speaker with subwoofer can still be purchased to wear as swimwear, it just won’t pump out epic beats for you. 

This print has been produced via the latest direct digital printing technology, which means it is better for the environment as there is minimal wastage and water consumption in the printing process.

Funkita / Ashlee Grace Activewear & Swimwear