DMC Original Training Fins

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Natural Kick Action. Reduces Fatigue. Universal Foot. Maximum Comfort.

The short bladed Original Training Fin brings the centre of effort back to the foot, increasing leg strength and "muscle memory" while maintaining an elevated heart rate with a kicking motion specific to the flutter kick.

The V channel edge creates a 'grip' on the water, maximises kick drill results and development of neuromuscular memory


  • Short blade for natural kick action
  • Full toe drain chute assist in turns and allows more room
  • Universal foot cavity 
  • Silicone material for maximum comfort


  • Trains a short, natural fast kick
  • Reduces cramp and strain on ankles and knees
  • Provides more propulsion in both up and down kicks
  • Reduces training fatigue
  • Suitable for Learn-To-Swim or the swimmer who prefers a full heel

DMC FINS is the World Leader In Swim Training Fin Technology. All around the World, Top Class Swimmers are turning to DMC FINS for training and equipment.