Ashlee Grace Mesh Gear Bag

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Introducing Our Mesh Gear Bags: The Ultimate Sports Storage Companion!

Are you tired of fumbling through disorganised gear or dealing with soggy, smelly equipment after training? Look no further! Our Mesh Gear Bag is here to carry, store, and transport your equipment. Designed with durability, convenience and style in mind, this gear bag is the ideal choice for swimmers, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

Upgrade your gear management with our Mesh Gear Bag, the ultimate companion for any sports or activity. Whether you're an athlete, traveler, or simply someone who values organisation and style, this bag is the perfect choice. Enjoy the convenience, durability and style of our Mesh Gear Bag and elevate your gear game to a whole new level!

Key Features:

  1. Breathable Mesh: Our gear bag is crafted from high-quality, breathable mesh fabric that allows for maximum ventilation. Say goodbye to musty odours and moisture buildup; your gear will stay fresh and dry even after the toughest workouts.

  2. Spacious: With its generous size and well thought out design, our gear bag provides ample space for all your essentials. Whether you're packing swimming equipment or beach supplies, this bag has you covered. The large size even stretches to fit a wetsuit!!!

  3. Durable Build: We've reinforced the bag's corners and handles to ensure it can withstand the rigours of everyday use. Rest assured that your gear will remain safe and secure.

  4. Stylish Design: Our Mesh Gear Bag not only delivers on functionality but also on style. It's available in three colours, so you can choose the one that suits your personality and gear the best.

  5. Versatile: This bag isn't just for sports - it's also perfect for everyday use. Use it as a swim bag, beach bag or even a laundry bag.

  6. Easy to Clean: When it's time to freshen up your gear bag, simply toss it in the washing machine. The durable mesh fabric is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it looks great for years to come.


  • Small: 31cm High x 26cm Wide
  • Large: 46cm High x 41cm Wide