Amanzi 4 Layer Pull Buoy

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By Amanzi


The AMANZI 4 Layer Pull Buoy has been designed to isolate the legs, promoting upper-body strength and technique improvement. The pull buoy reduces leg movement while swimming allowing the swimmer to focus on arm strokes during training sessions.
  • Enhances core strength
  • Strengthens upper body
  • Improves technique
  • Suitable for beginner and advanced swimmers
  • Size: 23.5cm x 8.5cm x 13.5cm
  • Material: EVA
How to use
Place pull buoy between upper legs, holding with thighs. Swim using arms for propulsion. Buoyancy supports legs, isolates upper body, improves technique. 
Storage and maintenance
To prolong the life of the pull buoy rinse with clean, cold water after each use and hand dry. Avoid direct sunlight and protect from sharp objects to prevent damage to the pull buoy. Store in a cool, dry place. The device should not be bitten or chewed by the user as pieces that may be bitten off / torn from / come away from the material may cause a choking hazard.